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Admission (2013)

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Admission (2013) – A Heartfelt and Thoughtful Comedy-Drama


“Admission,” directed by Paul Weitz, is a 2013 comedy-drama that combines humor with a touch of romance and a serious look at the pressures of the college admissions process. Starring Tina Fey and Paul Rudd, the film offers a balanced mix of laughs and poignant moments, exploring themes of personal growth, relationships, and the challenges of finding one’s path.

Plot Summary

The film follows Portia Nathan (Tina Fey), a Princeton University admissions officer who is dedicated to her job and lives a meticulously organized life. Her world is turned upside down when she is contacted by John Pressman (Paul Rudd), the head of an alternative high school, who believes that one of his students, Jeremiah Balakian (Nat Wolff), could be the son Portia secretly gave up for adoption years ago.

As Portia evaluates Jeremiah’s application, she becomes personally invested in his future and starts bending the strict admissions rules she once upheld. Her growing connection with John and Jeremiah forces Portia to reevaluate her life choices, career, and what it means to truly care for someone. Along the way, she faces professional and personal challenges that lead to unexpected discoveries about herself and her priorities.

Performance and Direction

Tina Fey delivers a nuanced performance as Portia Nathan, balancing her character’s professional rigidity with moments of vulnerability and warmth. Fey’s comedic timing shines through, yet she also brings depth to the role, making Portia’s emotional journey believable and relatable. Paul Rudd complements Fey with his charming and affable portrayal of John Pressman, providing a perfect foil to Portia’s initially uptight demeanor.

Paul Weitz’s direction is sensitive and thoughtful, handling the film’s comedic and dramatic elements with care. The pacing allows for character development and the unfolding of relationships, making the film both engaging and emotionally resonant. Weitz’s approach ensures that the film remains grounded, despite its comedic undertones.

Visual and Special Effects

“Admission” employs a straightforward visual style that suits its grounded narrative. The cinematography by Declan Quinn captures the contrasting environments of Princeton’s elite campus and John’s unconventional high school, highlighting the differences in their approaches to education and life. The film relies on practical settings and natural lighting to maintain a realistic and relatable atmosphere.

Special effects are minimal, as the film focuses more on character interactions and the emotional arcs of its protagonists. The lack of flashy visuals allows the performances and the story to take center stage.

Themes and Analysis

“Admission” explores themes of self-discovery, the complexities of parenthood, and the often overwhelming pressures of the college admissions process. The film critiques the competitive nature of elite college admissions, highlighting the impact it has on both students and those who work within the system. Portia’s journey reflects the importance of reevaluating one’s life choices and finding a balance between personal fulfillment and professional success.

The film also delves into the theme of unconventional families and the bonds that form outside traditional structures. Portia’s evolving relationship with Jeremiah and her reconnection with her own past underscore the idea that family and personal connections can take many forms.

Streaming and Availability

“Admission,” the film is available for streaming on several platforms in the United States. You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. Additionally, it is available for rent or purchase on Google Play, Vudu, and Apple TV.


“Admission” is a thoughtful and engaging film that blends comedy and drama to tell a story about personal growth, relationships, and the pressures of modern education. With strong performances from Tina Fey and Paul Rudd, and sensitive direction from Paul Weitz, the film offers a poignant and entertaining exploration of life’s unexpected turns. Whether you’re a fan of character-driven stories or interested in the dynamics of the college admissions process, “Admission” provides a compelling and enjoyable viewing experience.

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Duration: 107 Min
Budget:$ 13.000.000,00
Revenue:$ 18.637.201,00

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