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Bunraku (2010)

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In a world with no guns, a mysterious drifter, a bartender and a young samurai plot revenge against a ruthless leader and his army of thugs, headed by nine diverse and deadly assassins.

Bunraku (2010) Movie Review: A Stylish and Unique Cinematic Experience


“Bunraku,” directed by Guy Moshe and released in 2010, is a visually striking film that blends various genres, including martial arts, Western, and noir, into a unique cinematic experience. Starring Josh Hartnett, Gackt, Woody Harrelson, and Ron Perlman, “Bunraku” offers a fresh and innovative approach to storytelling. In this review, we explore the plot, performances, and distinctive style of “Bunraku.”

Plot Summary

Set in a dystopian future where guns are banned, “Bunraku” follows the journey of two lone drifters: a mysterious drifter known only as The Drifter (Josh Hartnett) and a samurai named Yoshi (Gackt). Both arrive in a corrupt town ruled by the ruthless warlord Nicola the Woodcutter (Ron Perlman) and his deadly gang of killers. With the help of a bartender (Woody Harrelson), The Drifter and Yoshi team up to take down Nicola and restore peace to the land. As they face numerous adversaries, their paths intertwine in a tale of vengeance, honor, and redemption.

Josh Hartnett and Gackt’s Performances

Josh Hartnett delivers a stoic and intense performance as The Drifter, capturing the essence of a classic Western anti-hero. His portrayal is complemented by Gackt’s charismatic and disciplined Yoshi, who brings a sense of honor and determination to his quest. The chemistry between Hartnett and Gackt adds depth to their characters’ partnership, making their journey compelling and engaging.

Supporting Cast and Characters

The supporting cast of “Bunraku” enhances the film’s dynamic narrative. Woody Harrelson shines as the quirky and resourceful bartender who aids the protagonists, providing both comic relief and wisdom. Ron Perlman, as the menacing Nicola, delivers a powerful performance that embodies the film’s central antagonist. Demi Moore, playing Nicola’s lover Alexandra, adds a layer of complexity and intrigue to the story.

Direction and Visual Style

Guy Moshe’s direction is a standout feature of “Bunraku,” combining live-action with animation and stage play elements to create a visually unique experience. The film’s stylized sets, vibrant colors, and imaginative fight sequences contribute to its distinctive aesthetic. Moshe’s innovative approach to blending genres and visual styles sets “Bunraku” apart from traditional action films.

Themes and Messages

“Bunraku” explores themes of revenge, honor, and the struggle for justice in a lawless world. The film delves into the characters’ personal motivations and the moral complexities of their actions. Through its stylized narrative, “Bunraku” examines the idea of finding one’s place in a chaotic world and the lengths individuals will go to seek redemption.


“Bunraku” (2010) is a visually captivating and genre-defying film that offers a fresh take on the classic themes of revenge and heroism. With strong performances from Josh Hartnett, Gackt, and a talented supporting cast, the film provides an engaging and unique cinematic experience. Guy Moshe’s innovative direction and the film’s distinctive visual style make “Bunraku” a memorable addition to the world of action and adventure cinema. Whether you’re a fan of martial arts, Westerns, or visually inventive storytelling, “Bunraku” delivers a thrilling and artistic journey that stands out from the crowd.

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Tagline:A civilized weapon for uncivilized times
Duration: 124 Min
Budget:$ 25.000.000,00
Revenue:$ 129.706,00

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