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Death Race: Inferno (2013)

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Carl Lucas / Frankenstein has won four of his races and needs to win one more to win his freedom. Before his final race, Lucas and his team, car and all, are transferred to another prison where they will compete in a Death Race in the desert. Also, at the same time, Ceaser runs into a marketer who wants to franchise the Death Race program.

Death Race: Inferno (2013) Movie Review: High-Octane Action and Thrills


“Death Race: Inferno” (2013), directed by Roel Reiné, is the third installment in the adrenaline-pumping “Death Race” franchise. This action-packed film stars Luke Goss, Danny Trejo, and Ving Rhames, delivering non-stop excitement, explosive stunts, and fierce vehicular combat. In this review, we delve into the plot, performances, and the high-octane action that defines “Death Race: Inferno.”

Plot Summary

“Death Race: Inferno” picks up with Carl “Luke” Lucas, also known as Frankenstein, who is just one race away from winning his freedom from Terminal Island Penitentiary. The twisted and ruthless Weyland Corporation, led by Niles York (Dougray Scott), has other plans. York relocates the deadly races to the unforgiving deserts of South Africa, where Lucas must face new and more brutal challenges. With his loyal pit crew and new allies, Lucas battles for survival against fierce competitors and the treacherous environment.

Luke Goss’ Performance

Luke Goss reprises his role as Carl Lucas/Frankenstein with a gritty and determined performance. Goss brings a compelling mix of toughness and vulnerability to the character, making Lucas a relatable and sympathetic hero. His portrayal of Frankenstein’s struggle for freedom and redemption anchors the film, providing a strong emotional core amidst the chaos.

Supporting Cast and Characters

The supporting cast of “Death Race: Inferno” adds depth and intensity to the story. Danny Trejo returns as Goldberg, Lucas’ loyal and resourceful ally, delivering his trademark charisma and toughness. Ving Rhames, as the manipulative Weyland, and Dougray Scott, as the ruthless Niles York, provide formidable antagonists who add to the tension and stakes. The ensemble cast, including Tanit Phoenix as Lucas’ love interest Katrina, enhances the film’s dynamic and engaging narrative.

Direction and Action Sequences

Roel Reiné’s direction ensures that “Death Race: Inferno” delivers on its promise of relentless action and thrilling set pieces. The film’s desert setting provides a fresh and visually striking backdrop for the races, adding to the intensity and danger. The action sequences, featuring high-speed chases, explosive crashes, and brutal combat, are meticulously choreographed and executed. Reiné’s ability to maintain a fast-paced and exhilarating tone keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Themes and Messages

While “Death Race: Inferno” is primarily an action spectacle, it also explores themes of survival, loyalty, and the corrupting influence of power. Lucas’ journey reflects the human spirit’s resilience and determination to overcome insurmountable odds. The film’s critique of corporate greed and exploitation adds a layer of social commentary, making it more than just a mindless action flick.


“Death Race: Inferno” (2013) is a thrilling addition to the “Death Race” franchise, offering high-octane action, compelling performances, and a gripping storyline. Luke Goss shines as the determined and resilient Carl Lucas, supported by a strong ensemble cast. With its explosive stunts, intense races, and thought-provoking themes, “Death Race: Inferno” delivers an adrenaline-fueled cinematic experience that action fans won’t want to miss.

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Duration: 104 Min
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