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Iron Sky (2012)

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Iron Sky (2012) Movie Review: A Bold and Bizarre Sci-Fi Comedy


Directed by Timo Vuorensola, “Iron Sky” (2012) is a sci-fi comedy that blends political satire with outlandish science fiction elements. The film presents a unique and audacious premise: in 1945, Nazis fled to the moon, where they built a space fleet to return and conquer Earth in 2018. This Finnish-German-Australian co-production combines humor, special effects, and a biting critique of global politics.

Plot Summary

“Iron Sky” begins with an American moon mission in 2018, where astronaut James Washington (Christopher Kirby) stumbles upon a secret Nazi base on the dark side of the moon. The Nazis, led by the ambitious Klaus Adler (Götz Otto) and the idealistic Renate Richter (Julia Dietze), capture Washington and decide to advance their plan to invade Earth.

As Adler and Richter travel to Earth to prepare for the invasion, they encounter a world vastly different from their expectations. The film satirizes contemporary politics, particularly through the character of the U.S. President (Stephanie Paul), a caricature resembling Sarah Palin, who uses the impending Nazi invasion for her political gain.

The story unfolds with a mix of absurdity and action, leading to a climactic battle in space. Washington, now transformed into an Aryan by Nazi scientists, teams up with Renate, who learns the true nature of the regime she once believed in, to stop Adler’s plans and save Earth from the lunar Nazis.

Performance and Direction

The cast delivers performances that embrace the film’s campy and satirical tone. Christopher Kirby’s portrayal of James Washington is both humorous and sympathetic, while Götz Otto excels as the over-the-top antagonist Klaus Adler. Julia Dietze brings a touch of earnestness to Renate Richter, providing a counterbalance to the film’s more outrageous elements.

Timo Vuorensola’s direction ensures that “Iron Sky” maintains a consistent blend of comedy and sci-fi spectacle. The film’s pacing keeps the audience engaged, with a steady stream of visual gags, action sequences, and satirical commentary. Vuorensola’s commitment to the film’s unique vision is evident, even if the narrative occasionally feels disjointed.

Visuals and Special Effects

“Iron Sky” impresses with its special effects and production design, especially considering its relatively modest budget. The moon base and space fleet are well-rendered, and the film’s visual style effectively captures the retro-futuristic aesthetic. The space battles are particularly well-executed, providing a sense of scale and excitement that enhances the film’s climactic moments.

Themes and Relevance

At its core, “Iron Sky” is a satire that explores themes of power, propaganda, and the cyclical nature of history. The film’s portrayal of a Nazi resurgence on the moon serves as an exaggerated metaphor for the persistence of extremist ideologies and the absurdity of contemporary politics. While the humor is often broad and irreverent, the underlying commentary on the dangers of demagoguery and the manipulation of public opinion adds depth to the narrative.

Streaming and Availability

For viewers in the United States, “Iron Sky” is available for streaming on various platforms. You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video and Hulu with a subscription. The film is also available for rent or purchase on digital platforms such as Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Vudu, and YouTube Movies.


“Iron Sky” is a bold and bizarre sci-fi comedy that offers a unique blend of satire and spectacle. While its premise and execution may not appeal to everyone, the film’s commitment to its outlandish vision and its sharp political commentary make it a memorable experience. The performances, particularly by Götz Otto and Julia Dietze, contribute to the film’s charm, and the impressive special effects enhance its appeal. For those who enjoy unconventional sci-fi and dark humor, “Iron Sky” is a cult classic worth watching.

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Duration: 93 Min
Language:English, Deutsch
Budget:$ 7.500.000,00
Revenue:$ 10.109.659,00

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