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Nine Months (1995)

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Nine Months (1995) – Movie Review


“Nine Months,” directed by Chris Columbus and released in 1995, is a romantic comedy that explores the humorous and heartfelt journey of impending parenthood. The film stars Hugh Grant, Julianne Moore, Tom Arnold, Joan Cusack, Jeff Goldblum, and Robin Williams. This review covers the film’s plot, performances, direction, and where you can stream it in the USA.

Plot Summary

The story centers on Samuel Faulkner (Hugh Grant), a successful child psychologist who is living a carefree life with his girlfriend, Rebecca Taylor (Julianne Moore). Samuel’s world is turned upside down when Rebecca announces that she is pregnant. Faced with the prospect of fatherhood, Samuel’s commitment issues surface, leading to a series of comedic and heartfelt moments as he grapples with his fears and responsibilities.

As the months progress, Samuel’s journey is marked by humorous encounters with eccentric characters, including his friend Marty Dwyer (Tom Arnold) and his high-strung wife Gail (Joan Cusack), as well as Rebecca’s oddball obstetrician, Dr. Kosevich (Robin Williams). The film explores the ups and downs of pregnancy and the impact it has on relationships, ultimately leading Samuel to realize what truly matters in life.


Hugh Grant delivers a charming and relatable performance as Samuel Faulkner, capturing the character’s initial reluctance and eventual growth. Julianne Moore provides a strong and sympathetic portrayal of Rebecca, balancing vulnerability and strength as she navigates pregnancy. Tom Arnold and Joan Cusack offer comedic relief as the chaotic Dwyers, while Jeff Goldblum shines as Sean, Samuel’s cynical best friend. Robin Williams brings his signature humor and warmth to the role of Dr. Kosevich, adding to the film’s comedic appeal​​​​.

Direction and Cinematography

Chris Columbus, known for his work on family-friendly films, brings his touch to “Nine Months,” creating a light-hearted and accessible comedy. The direction ensures a balance between humor and sentiment, making the film enjoyable for a wide audience. Cinematographer Donald McAlpine captures the film’s suburban settings and intimate moments effectively, enhancing the story’s relatability and charm​​.

Themes and Analysis

“Nine Months” explores themes of commitment, fear of change, and the transformative power of parenthood. The film delves into the anxieties and joys of expecting a child, highlighting how impending parenthood can challenge and ultimately strengthen relationships. Through Samuel’s journey, the narrative emphasizes the importance of embracing responsibility and finding joy in life’s unexpected changes​​​​.

Streaming Availability

For viewers in the USA, “Nine Months” is available on several streaming platforms:

  • Amazon Prime Video: Available for rental or purchase.
  • Apple iTunes: Offers rental and purchase options.
  • Google Play Movies: Can be rented or purchased.
  • Vudu: Available for rental and purchase.
  • HBO Max: Often included in the streaming lineup.


“Nine Months” is a heartwarming and humorous take on the journey to parenthood, buoyed by strong performances and Chris Columbus’s capable direction. While the film follows a somewhat predictable path, its charm lies in the relatability of its characters and situations. Fans of romantic comedies and light-hearted family films will likely find “Nine Months” an enjoyable watch.

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Genre: Comedy, Romance
Duration: 103 Min
Language:English, Pусский
Budget:$ 35.000.000,00
Revenue:$ 138.500.000,00

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