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Panoorin ang Pelikulang Vivamax TOP 1 2024 – Christy Imperial

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Panoorin ang Pelikulang Vivamax TOP 1 2024 – Azi and Dex are both vying to be their batch valedictorian but Dex is always behind Azi. He then plans to make her fall in love to be a distraction, but his plan is a double-edged sword.

“Top 1” (2024): A Riveting Tale of Academic Rivalry and Romance on Vivamax


“Top 1,” directed by Artemio Abad and released on Vivamax in July 2024, is a Filipino drama that intricately weaves themes of academic rivalry, deceptive romance, and personal ambition. This film stars Christy Mae Imperial, Mariane Saint, and Armani Hector, delivering performances that bring depth and intensity to their characters.

Plot Summary

The story centers around Azi (Christy Mae Imperial) and Dex (Armani Hector), two top students competing for the valedictorian title. Azi consistently outperforms Dex, leading to his growing frustration. Dex’s girlfriend, Misia (Mariane Saint), hatches a plan to seduce Azi to distract her from her studies. Dex reluctantly agrees, hoping this distraction will help him surpass her academically.

As Dex carries out the plan, he and Azi develop a genuine, though initially deceitful, romantic relationship. The plot thickens as Azi navigates her feelings for Dex, unaware of the betrayal orchestrated by Dex and Misia. The film keeps the audience on edge, wondering if Azi will uncover the truth or remain blinded by her affection for Dex​​​​.

Characters and Performances

  • Azi (Christy Mae Imperial): Portrayed as a dedicated and top-performing student, Azi’s character is both inspiring and relatable. Christy Mae Imperial delivers a strong performance that captures Azi’s vulnerability and determination.
  • Dex (Armani Hector): Dex is a complex character driven by ambition and insecurity. Armani Hector’s portrayal adds layers to Dex’s character, making his internal conflicts and eventual regrets palpable.
  • Misia (Mariane Saint): As the manipulative girlfriend, Misia’s character adds a significant twist to the story. Mariane Saint’s performance brings out the cunning and desperation of Misia, making her a pivotal part of the narrative.

Direction and Cinematography

Artemio Abad’s direction ensures a well-paced film that balances emotional drama with the tension of academic rivalry. The cinematography by Eldrin Flores uses close-ups and dynamic shots to highlight the characters’ emotional journeys and the intensity of their interactions.

Critical Reception

“Top 1” has been praised for its engaging storyline and strong character development. Critics have highlighted the film’s ability to maintain suspense and emotional depth, despite some predictable plot elements. The chemistry between the lead actors and the film’s portrayal of academic pressures and personal ambitions resonate well with the audience​​​​.

Why You Should Watch “Top 1”

  • Compelling Storyline: The plot of academic rivalry mixed with romance and betrayal offers a unique and engaging viewing experience.
  • Strong Performances: The cast, especially Christy Mae Imperial and Armani Hector, deliver powerful performances that drive the film’s emotional core.
  • Relatable Themes: Issues of ambition, academic pressure, and romantic entanglements are depicted in a way that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Where to Watch

“Top 1” is available for streaming on Vivamax, a leading platform for Filipino films and series.


“Top 1” is a standout film in Vivamax’s 2024 lineup, offering a mix of drama, romance, and suspense. Its exploration of academic rivalry and the consequences of deception makes it a gripping watch for anyone interested in a well-crafted drama.

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Genre: Drama
Duration: 52 Min

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