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Tarzan (2013)

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Tarzan (2013) – Movie Review


“Tarzan,” directed by Reinhard Klooss and released in 2013, is a computer-animated adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic tale. The film features the voices of Kellan Lutz as Tarzan and Spencer Locke as Jane Porter. This version attempts to modernize the story with a contemporary setting and new plot elements. This review covers the film’s plot, performances, direction, and where you can stream it in the USA.

Plot Summary

In this adaptation, the story begins with John and Alice Greystoke, who are exploring a remote part of Africa to investigate a meteorite. Their son, Tarzan, survives a helicopter crash that kills his parents and is raised by apes. As he grows up, Tarzan encounters Jane Porter, and they face off against the nefarious CEO of Greystoke Energies, who has sent a mercenary army to exploit the meteorite’s resources. The film combines traditional elements of the Tarzan story with a modern twist, focusing on environmental themes and corporate greed.


Kellan Lutz voices Tarzan, bringing a muscular and heroic presence to the character, though his performance has been critiqued for lacking emotional depth. Spencer Locke’s portrayal of Jane Porter adds a sassy and adventurous spirit to the film. However, the voice acting overall struggles due to the poor animation quality, which fails to capture lifelike human expressions, making the characters feel less engaging and more robotic (Fernby Films, Derek Winnert).

Direction and Cinematography

Reinhard Klooss directs with an emphasis on intense computer graphics, which are a mixed bag. While the jungle landscapes and animal animations are visually impressive, the human characters suffer from awkward and unrealistic movements. The 3D effects are well-executed, adding a layer of depth to the jungle scenes, but the overall visual appeal is marred by the lifeless human animations (Fernby Films, Wikipedia).

Themes and Analysis

The film explores modern themes such as environmental conservation and the destructive nature of corporate greed. These elements are woven into the classic Tarzan narrative, providing a contemporary relevance. However, the film has been criticized for its clichéd plot and lack of originality, with some critics noting that it recycles familiar tropes without adding significant new ideas (Derek Winnert, Fernby Films).


“Tarzan” (2013) received predominantly negative reviews from critics. It holds a low rating on review aggregator sites, with common criticisms focusing on its weak storytelling and poor character animation. Critics pointed out that the film feels like a dated video game cutscene rather than a polished animated feature (Rotten Tomatoes, Fernby Films).

Streaming Availability

For viewers in the USA, “Tarzan” (2013) is available on several streaming platforms:

  • Amazon Prime Video: Available for rental or purchase.
  • Apple iTunes: Offers rental and purchase options.
  • Google Play Movies: Can be rented or purchased.
  • Vudu: Available for rental and purchase.


“Tarzan” (2013) attempts to bring a modern twist to a classic story but ultimately falls short due to its weak animation and lack of emotional depth. While it offers some visually appealing jungle scenes and an updated plot, the film struggles to engage its audience. Fans of the Tarzan story may find some interest in this adaptation, but it may not satisfy those looking for a high-quality animated film.

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